Garage Shelving

The Monkey Bars garage shelving system is the most versatile garage organization shelving system in Louisiana market today. Get everything off the floor and into a totally customizable heavy duty garage storage shelving solution. All Monkey Bars systems feature an integrated, adjustable & expandable system and a lifetime warranty.

Garage Cabinets

Monkey Bars garage cabinets are state-of-the art storage solutions that are built to last. Our garage cabinetry is designed to neatly organize your garage into a clean and efficient environment. Ulti-Mate Storage Cabinets are versitle and go hand-in-hand with the Monkey Bar System to organize the many facets of your life.

Garage Flooring

Using quality products, Monkey Bars can outfit your garage with a professional-looking garage flooring solution. Our epoxy floor coating includes an installation process that both seals the concrete and fills in unsightly cracks. The stain-resistant nature of our materials also ensures your floor remains free of stains and streaks. A number of base and accent color options are available in multiple combinations to match your distinct style; garage floor coatings come in solid and textured finishes.

Overhead Garage Storage

Strong Racks garage overhead storage system is the most versatile garage organization ceiling storage system in Louisiana today. Store 500 to 750 lb. of garage storage overhead, thanks to our design, 4 joint mounts compared to 2, Strong racks have a higher weight capacity.


The Monkey Bars garage organization system is the most versatile of its kind. We offer garage storage accessories to go with the Monkey Bars system or as stand alone components. Expandable accessories like benches, bars, hooks, and storage units are customizable for any space.