Garage Shelving

The Monkey Bars garage shelving system is the most versatile garage organization shelving system in Louisiana market today. Get everything off the floor and into a totally customizable heavy duty garage storage shelving solution.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Integrated, adjustable & expandable system
  • Free organization services

The Shelf Rack from Monkey Bars is the core mounting structure for the storage system. Long-term storage goes on the shelf, while triangular brackets securely hold the Monkey Bars from which short-term storage items hang on hooks. No need to worry about weight capacity and durability.

Our shelf system is:

  • Totally customizable & affordable
  • Made of steel with 1000 lbs weight capacity every 4 linear feet (we warranty this for life)
  • Bracketed every 4 feet
  • Adjustable in terms of installation height
  • Available in 16” & 24” deep shelving
  • Powder-coated to resist scratching & corrosion

Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems provides FREE organization services with every one of these installed solutions – a $200 value for FREE.

Monkey Bars garage shelving system can be easily integrated with other products, such as Garage Overhead Storage.

Our shelf system is:

16 & 24” garage shelving
Integrates with garage storage accessories

  • 16” deep garage shelving
  • 6 adjustable Monkey Bar positions

  • 24” deep garage shelving
  • 10 adjustable Monkey Bar positions

  • 12” deep drop down garage shelving
  • Choose 1 to 5 tiers
  • Shelves 12” deep x 40” long

  • 24” deep garage inverted shelving
  • Perfect over windows & doors