The Monkey Bars garage organization system is the most versatile of its kind. We offer garage storage accessories to go with the Monkey Bars system or as stand alone components. Expandable accessories like benches, bars, hooks, and storage units are customizeable for any space.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Custom specialty garage storage & organization
  • solutions
  • Integrated, adjustable & expandable system
  • Free organization services

Monkey Bars Garage Storage Accessories

Each Money Bars accessory can be put underneath garage shelving or on separate brackets.

Great for:

  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Basements
  • Commercial properties

Garage Work Bench

  • Custom to your height
  • Hang tools underneath on Monkey

Garage Sitting Bench

  • Custom to your height

Monkey Bars

  • Snaps in and out
  • 2 sizes for convenience 35” & 51”

Monkey Bars Hooks

  • Hang almost anything off the ground
  • Snap on and off
  • Slide left and right
  • 10 hook types

Sports Bag

  • Large & small
  • Kids love to use ball bag!

Bucket Rack

Saddle Rack

Kayak Rack