Welcome to Garage Solutions, LLC

Garage storage has always been a problem for home owners… until now. Monkey Bars Storage Systems provide the most effective solution to this age old problem. The versatile shelf-rack system allows home owners to customize storage solutions based on their changing needs. Garage organization and storage has never been so simple.

Garage Flooring

Using quality products, Garage Solutions can outfit your garage with a professional-looking flooring solution. Our epoxy floor coating includes an installation process that both seals the concrete and fills in unsightly cracks. The stain-resistant nature of our materials also ensures your floor remains free of stains and streaks.

Garage Cabinets

Garage Solutions cabinets are state-of-the art storage solutions that are built to last. Our garage cabinetry is designed to neatly organize your garage into a clean and efficient environment. Ulti-Mate Storage Cabinets are versitle and go hand-in-hand with the Garage Solutions System  to organize the many facets of your lifes.

Garage Shelving

The Garage Solutions garage shelving system is the most versatile garage organization shelving system in Louisiana market today. Get everything off the floor and into a totally customizable heavy duty garage storage shelving solution.


Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems provides a lifetime warranty on shelving products and accessories for your garage and storage needs. With a variety of mix-and-match components available, you will not find a better value anywhere else, including the big box home improvement stores! Professional-grade, customizable solutions that best fit your lifestyle.


I needed a Garage Storage System, but I also need some help with organization. Monkey Bar Garage Storage and Garage Solutions came in and help me with them all!

Ronola P.